Ethlas is headquartered in Singapore, with presence across United States, the Middle East, and India.

The core team comprises of tech leaders with experience leading teams across Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Grab, SEA Group, Airbnb, JP Morgan, Okta and DBS. They bring with them diverse expertise across AI/Machine Learning, Product Management, Blockchain Engineering, Game Development, Design, NFT Smart Contracts, Crypto Security and Growth Hacking.


Wui, CEO

Being a FAANG veteran, Wui specializes in the hybrid world of Data Science, Machine Learning, Behavioral Sciences and AI. His time at Google and Grab has trained him to believe that data is the foundational truth, and if thereโ€™s something that canโ€™t be explained through data, itโ€™s because you arenโ€™t looking hard enough.

Ari, Blockchain Engineering

As if spending more than a decade across top tech companies in Silicon Valley werenโ€™t enough, the coolest thing about Ari is that he also has a PhD in Security and Cryptography. A dedicated geek about blockchain design and cybersecurity, he writes all the underlying smart contract code to help Ethlas become the safest and most scalable GameFi Metaverse.

Henry, Game and Full Stack Dev

Henry lives for games. So much, that he wanted to quit college to go pro on Dota 2. Thankfully, he didnโ€™t, because he picked up software engineering and heโ€™s an even more passionate game developer. Most of the game mechanics and mods you see on Ethlas were built by this passionate gamer and his dedicated engineering team.

Elston, Product & Partnerships

A believer of zero-to-one growth hacking strategies. Elston built an entire career helping companies win the hearts of millions of users around the world. He truly believes that the best of blockchain is yet to be, with 99% of the world still not exposed to the goodness of Crypto and Blockchain. Thus, living the mission to bring the next billion users along on this ride with Ethlas.

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