This Whitepaper is subject to periodic updates as more clarity on the roadmap emerges. Last update: February 2024.

Overview of Battle Showdown by Ethlas

Battle Showdown (BSD), the flagship game of Ethlas, is set to redefine the Web3 gaming space. BSD is downloadable on both the Playstore and App Store and targets mass market casual gamers globally. This roadmap delineates our innovative strategy to integrate advanced AI for generating unique, user-generated content (UGC), and incorporating these elements within our token system, ELS by minting aforesaid UGC content as unique NFTs. Our ambition is to create a symbiotic relationship between thrilling gameplay and a transformative economic model, thereby setting a new standard in the gaming industry. We term this new gaming world as Skill-Fi, where users can monetize skills instead of just engagement.

The gaming industry is evolving rapidly, with player expectations and technological advancements shaping new experiences. In this landscape, BSD stands as a pioneer, integrating AI and blockchain to create a unique gaming ecosystem in a casual 2D platform shooter form factor that avoids competing in the crowded space of FPS or MMORPGs. This paper outlines our strategic initiatives, technological advancements, and the anticipated impact on the gaming community.


Our mission at Ethlas is to empower players to engage in fun and own it!

Our Edge

Ethlas Game Dynamics

  • Gamer Engagement: At the core of Battle Showdown (BSD), we focus on harnessing gamer skills to create a meaningful and rewarding gaming experience.

  • Ownership and Earning: Our unique token system, ELS, allows gamers to earn and trade based on their in-game achievements, truly owning their success.

Unique Game Features

  • AI-Generated Content: BSD's advanced AI algorithms will produce an endless array of weapons and items, ensuring fresh gameplay and creative freedom.

  • SkillFi Model: We're fusing skill-based gaming with financial incentives, making SkillFi the new frontier for gamers who seek to monetize their expertise.

Technological Edge

  • Blockchain Integration: Our blockchain infrastructure ensures transparency, security, and a decentralized economy for the BSD community.

  • Cutting-edge AI: Utilizing the latest AI technology, we're setting new benchmarks for personalized and dynamic content generation in gaming.

Community and Impact

  • Gamer-Centric Approach: We are committed to prioritizing player feedback and incorporating it into the continuous evolution of BSD.

  • Economic Transformation: By merging gameplay with an economic model, we aim to revolutionize both the gaming industry and how players perceive value in games.

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