🪂Gambit Points System (Live)

Alpha for early supporters

In anticipation of the BSD Gambit launch as well as to qualify for ongoing airdrops in the Ethlas ecosystem, users can collect points on Ethlas' portal throughout different seasons. Daily points are based on the actions (socials, trading, playing) that users conduct and accumulate regardless of future actions. Daily points are also enhanced if users hold any of the ecosystem or partner NFTs in the wallet connected to the points system.

[REDACTED] of total ELS supply will be reserved proportional to the points accumulated upon snapshot time and date. There may be a threshold of minimum points required to be eligible for the airdrop.

Points from Socials (live in Season 1)

Users can accumulate points based on engagement on Twitter / X. This includes follows, likes, comments, tags, tweets, and retweets of certain content. Visit https://battleshowdown.com/ for details.

Points from Trading (live in Season 1)

Users can accumulate points based on the number of trades as well as trade volume that can be traced to their connected wallet. The more users trade over extended periods of time, the more the cumulative points they can achieve per day. Visit the "ELS Token" section and https://battleshowdown.com/ for details.

Multipliers (live in Season 1)

Daily points collected by the users are multiplied if ecosystem or partner NFTs are found to be owned by the wallet (no action is needed). If the user has multiple NFTs of the same collection, they may gain a higher multiplier.

Genesis Ethlas NFTs: [2.0 - 3.0x Multiplier]

Ethlas NFTs: [1.15 - 1.6x Multiplier]

Partner NFTs: [1.5 - 2.5x Multiplier]

Aerodrome NFTs: [1.5 - 2.5x Multiplier]

If you have a strong community looking for partnerships, hit us up on X/Twitter (BSD_Gambit).

Points from Playing (to go live in Season 2)

Users can accumulate points directly from playing the mobile game Battle Showdown Gambit, for which it is essential that the social logins for the mobile game and Ethlas Portal are the same in order for Ethlas to link the user's mobile and web accounts.

Other ways to earn rewards

For our OG community (holders of Komo/Artefact NFTs, $ELS holders), we are constantly committed to accruing value and utility back to our long term supporters. Hence, a portion of our loyalty program is also reserved to airdrops/staking/reward programs that directly target holders of Ethlas' ecosystem holders. More details to be shared once confirmed.

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