🖥️Step 2: Gambit Portal

Gambit Portal Setup

Users who have downloaded the mobile app already and signed in via their social (either Google or Apple) can now proceed to https://battleshowdown.com/ on the web, where they will be prompted to continue with signing in via Google or Apple again. It is important to use the same social login that was used in the mobile app.

Deposit and Withdraw

The portal is now synced directly with your mobile gaming account on Battle Showdown Gambit. From here, users can freely deposit tokens into the game and withdraw their rewards to their external wallets.

Currently, users are able to deposit ETH on the Layer-2 Base network in exchange for ELS, which will be directly reflected in the top right corner of the page.

Adding Base to your Web3 Wallet

If you have not added the Base network to your wallet, please refer to this official guide by the Base team.

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