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Gamers in Battle Showdown Gambit are rewarded in a multiple ways.

Rewards for Winning

The most direct rewards come from defeating your opponents and winning in-game team quests. For every kill, gamers gain ELS; while for every death incurred, gamers lose ELS.

All gamers in each game are real, there are no AI bots, which is why matching times may vary depending on region and timezones.

Farmers Pool: Rewards for Engagement

Ethlas will distribute a portion of protocol fees to all Battle Showdown Gambit gamers based on the frequency of Gambit games played during the payout period. Each week, said proceeds from the game will be distributed among all Gambit players proportional to the weekly engagement, proxied by number of Gambit games played.

Victory Pool: Rewards for Top Skills

Ethlas will distribute a majority of the protocol fees go to a pool each epoch (usually weekly), which rewards the top skilled Gamers and their Bit Holders in Battle Showdown Gambit.

Gamers can check their skill metric (denoted as kill-death ratio) as well as proportional rewards on the dashboard.

Rewards for Bit Royalties

Gamers get a 5% royalty every time their Bit(s) get traded.

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