Free-to-play will always be available for Battle Showdown users.

For gamers wanting to the full BSD Gambit experience, which includes rewards for great gameplay as well as benefiting from the Skill-Fi economy, there are a few steps they can follow as outlined in the next sections. A few key highlights are as follows:

  • Enhanced Gamer Interactivity and Earnings: With Bit Holders becoming part of the ecosystem, a dynamic economic model comes to life, engaging more than just the gamers themselves.

    • Profit Sharing: A new layer of interaction, allowing Bits Holders to stake on gamerss and reap the benefits of their gaming successes.

    • Performance Rewards: Indulge in a gaming experience where performance is linked to economic gains - the better you play, the more you earn.

  • Evolving Economic Model: The innovative SkillFi model enables players to directly convert their gaming prowess into economic value.

    • Skill-Based Earnings: Your ability to avoid in-game death directly impacts your token balance.

    • Transparent Scoring: Watch your scores convert to earnings in an open and seamless system.

  • The SkillFi Dynamism: Battle Showdown's latest integration of $ELS tokens takes the excitement up a notch, blurring the lines between gaming and blockchain benefits. Gamers who showcase superior strategy and skill can now reap more than just leaderboard fame; they earn real rewards as they compete.

    • Real-Time Rewards: Earn $ELS tokens in real-time with each opponent defeat or mission accomplishment.

    • Instant Token Transactions: Withdraw your hard-earned tokens at any time with zero lockups or minimum thresholds.

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