📊Trading Bits

Purchasing Bits

The trading of gamers' Bits happens on Ethlas' Skill-Fi Dashboard, which is available on https://battleshowdown.com/. The dashboard provides a comprehensive list of all Gambit gamers who have participated in Battle Showdown, inclusive of their in-game stats and history. This allows Bit Holders to find and identify skilled gamers both in early and late stages of their engagement. In order to purchase a Bit, Bit Holders need to connect their wallet such as MetaMask to the site.

Selling Bits

In order to sell a gamer's Bit, the Bit Holder can head to the same SkillFi Dashboard. The Bit holder's profile page will show their ownership of any and all Bits they have purchased and currently hold. The price at which they can sell the Bit is dependent on the current number of active Bit holders.

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